Feb - May 2014

As a contractor, I designed the characters and background for Akitoi, an educative tv series for children. The series was produced by Postdata and broadcasted in EcuadorTV by mid-2014.

Akitoi main characters

The problem

Character design with local flavor

In Ecuador, children under 6-years old don't have access to educative content on free-to-air television. Because of this, the public broadcast station promotes content creation among national producers. Most of them are from the highlands, therefore their content reflects the culture of that region. This is why the main goal for the characters' design was to represent the identity of Ecuador's coast.

Outdoors of the coast of Ecuador

Project overview

Animation requires quickness

360º view
360º view of the first characters delivered
Expressions and phonemes
Props instances
Props instances
Backgrounds and props
Backgrounds and props
Additional characters
Additional characters from other regions


All Assets ready

After 2 months of work, I delivered more than 400 assets, including characters' views, facial expressions, props, and backgrounds. Because of the workflow, most assets were already on production.

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